Electric car charging points installation
for your Home and Business

Want to install an EV charger at your property?  Parkfield Electrical has a professional electric vehicle charge point installer ready to advise with your EV charger installation and EV charging station installation in Taunton.

Electric vehicles are quickly becoming part of our daily lives, and as this trend is only going to increase. This may be a good time to make the change to electric as there are currently a number of government grants which can cover up to 75% of the cost of an electric car charger home installation. Parkfield Electrical offer a full installation service for EV Home Chargers as well as tailored maintenance packages.

You’ve already seen a handful of EV chargers when driving about. Fortunately, you can get an expert to come and install an EV charger at home. This allows you to charge your car overnight with ease and the added convenience of flexibility and time-saving this brings.

Other advantages of home charging include:

  • Fully charging your car at home helps to extend battery life over regular top ups at public stations.

  • Cost.  Most EV drivers do more than 80% of their charging at home saving on higher public charging point rates.

  • Electric car owners currently receive a £500 grant for installing a home charger with the OLEV grant.

  • Increased property value.  Soon enough the majority of people will be driving electric cars, no doubt increasing demand for homes with EV chargers.

  • Zero emissions.  If you use a 100% green energy provider, all your motoring will be carbon free, not yet the case with public charging.

And don't forget, you'll never have to drive to another charging point and queue ever again!